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The Abundance Tree
A Simple Handbook for Growing Your Dreams

By Patricia Heyman

If your greatest dream is yet a seed, it can soon germinate into a magnificent reality that promises increasing yields of happiness whether your wish is for money, joy, success, or love.

This inspiring, easy-to-read handbook presents many of the primary laws of manifestation made easy. They spring to life through the image of the Abundance Tree - a healthy, fruit-bearing tree that grows stronger and more beautiful with each passing season. Using this image, the author offers simple, effective insights on how to clarify your intention, eradicate limiting beliefs, expand your vision, take risks and win, and turn failure into success.

"If you want to go beyond dreaming your dream to living your dream, I highly recommend this book."
New York Times #1 bestselling author

"Patricia Heyman is a wonder - she tells it like it is. Quickly, succinctly....Drawings that sparkle with meaning....Excercises, visualizations, and not a little humor."
-The Book Reader

"A good addition to any self-help shelf. With new, exciting, and practical step-by-step ways to fulfull your dreams."
-The Midwest Book Review

Patricia Heyman, MSW, LISW, is a founding member and consultant at Bridging Associates, a business consulting firm. Previously she spent thirty years as a facilitator, counselor, graduate-level educator, and consultant. Her personal and professional growth seminars, popular throughout the US, as well as in Europe and Russia, promote abundance and joy as a way of life.

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Categories Self-Help, Success, Personal Growth
ISBN 0-9659332-0-2
Format 5 X 8 , 96 pages
Price $11.95
Pub Date 1997
Publisher Umbrella Publications







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