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Ancient Map for Modern Birth
Preparation, Passage, and Personal Growth during Your Childbearing Year

By Pam England

At last a book honoring all birthing women regardless of the choices they make or whether they have a spontaneous or medically managed birth.

Today’s childbearing couples have easy access to the standard map for birthing, which describes how to navigate routine obstetric care. But only an ancient universal map can provide guidance through the primordial hurdles and unforeseen challenges inherent in childbearing. Depicting birth as a rite of passage, this book provides the much needed wisdom, encouragement, and logistics.

Pam England’s first book, Birthing From Within, sold 275,000 copies. Its sequel goes further. Kirkus Reviews calls it “a well-balanced guidebook to childbirth for those interested in the experience as a spiritual journey.” Brimming with scientific as well as archetypal documentation about birth—complete with illustrations, helpful appendixes, source notes, and a glossary—the book is rich with recent findings and first-hand accounts, mixed with ideas for birth art, rituals, and ceremonies. Kirkus points out: “The book’s emphasis on evidence-based research can be empowering for women facing an intimidating health care system. . . . England also shows sympathetic understanding to her readers who may feel they must always be happy and positive; she gives permission to worry effectively, ask for help, and advocate for themselves.” 

ThIs one’s for birthing couples and practitioners alike!

Offers warmth and wisdom, as well as deep compassion, and invites us into the awe-inspiring emotional and spiritual terrain that lies at the heart of childbearing.”
—Sarah Buckley, MD, MB, ChB, Dip Obst
Author of Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering

“Prepares us for a successful birth in a deep and powerful way.”
—Peggy O’Mara
Former editor and publisher of Mothering Magazine

“Blends psychological, mythical, and an insider’s knowledge to bring birth confidence to the next generation of birthing women and their partners.”
—Gail Tully, CPM

“A soulful, authoritative, and exquisitely written guide for the heroine’s journey we call childbirth. I highly recommend this beautiful gift of insight and knowledge.”
—Christiane Northrup, MD
Ob/gyn physician and author of Goddesses Never Age


Pam England, CNM, MA, a former nurse-midwife with a master’s degree in psychology counseling, has been teaching childbirth classes and mentoring parents for 30 years and leading workshops for birth professionals for 10 years. Her first book, Birthing From Within, was dubbed a “landmark in the history of childbirth” by Michel Odent, MD.

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Categories Pregnancy, Childbirth
ISBN 978-0-998-12020-1
Format 7 x 10, 480 pages, pen & ink drawings throughout
Price $28.00
Pub Date 2017
Publisher Seven Gates Media








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