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Earth, Water, Fire, Wind
Our Connection to Mother Earth

By Little Grandmother (Kiesha Crowther)

A beacon for finding true purpose, personal and interpersonal healing, and collective fulfillment through reestablishing a loving relationship with the natural world.

In these rapidly changing times, it is more urgent than ever to let go of old wounds and discover the creative beings we really are, urges Little Grandmother. In Earth, Water, Fire, Wind she delineates ways to do move along this trajectory by realizing the interdependence of the four elements and observing how each one plays a role in sustaining the human being, as it does in shaping Mother Earth herself. The book details how, in attending to the four elements alive within us, it becomes possible to create the world we want to live in. and heal the ecological damage to Mother Earth.

Practical recommendations are offered side by side with personal anecdotes, ancestral practices, inspirational insights, and climate change research findings. Included are instructions for building a sacred circle or medicine wheel, information about historical and contemporary placement of ancient crystals around the world, and steps for making immediate personal changes in one’s life.

“I could recognize in Little Grandmother Kiesha the voice of ancestors expressed in a soft and loving message. To be strong, kind, and wise is the path to follow, and this new book by Kiesha will guide you to new discoveries in your life.” 
—Mallku Aribalo, Andean spiritual master 


“Little Grandmother Kiesha’s message, her teachings, and her way of being gives us great happiness and hope that others will listen and reconnect to the sacred Mother Earth … to help restore, protect, and care for [her].”
— Roberto and Marianna, Kogi Mamos 


“Little Grandmother embraces, with true dedication, the mission that was given to her by her ancestors: to be the messenger of Mother Earth. She reminds us that Mother Earth is our great teacher and that each and every human being and all that exists is related to her.”
—Signe Katrine Måsø, Saami Grandmother 


Little Grandmother is a world-renowned spiritual teacher, shaman, and wisdom keeper dedicated to reigniting a deep remembrance of humanity’s great potential and personal relationship to Mother Earth. Her work draws from messages shared in her meetings with indigenous chiefs, elders, and leaders worldwide. Her first book, Message for the Tribe of Many Colors, was published in 13 languages.

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Categories Earth-Based Spirituality, Mind, Body, Spirit
ISBN 978-90-9030186-0
Format 6 x 9, 262 pages
Price $21.00
Pub Date 2017
Publisher Earth Mother Publishing








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