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Coming of Age with Aging Parents
The Bungles, Battles, and Blessings

By Gail Goeller

A compassionate and humorous guide for finding perspective and healing during eldercare.

Caring for an aging parent can be a journey of a thousand miles, each one sparking a breakthrough in personal growth and understanding. Coming of Age with Aging Parents charts these milestones through real-life stories, portraying everything from dealing with late-night phone calls and parental self-diagnosis to managing angry outbursts, emergencies of all sorts, caregiver burnout, and end-of-life requests. Probing questions following each story help reframe events so the reader can emerge with not only fresh insights into caregiving but increased purpose, power, and happiness.

“A warm, unexpectedly funny, and helpful manual for a trying period in life.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Superbly presented eldercare wisdom accessibly offered up . . .”
The Midwest Book Review

“Excellent! Highly recommended reading for caregivers and for everyone who may eventually need one.”
—Jacqueline Marcell
Author of Elder Rage, or Take My Father . . . Please!

“Heartwarming, humorous, and eminently helpful . . .”
—Jim Shaw, MD
Medical Director
Providence Center for Faith and Healing

Gail Goeller, noted eldercare specialist, gained her expertise while tending to her aging family of five. In addition to giving seminars on aging issues peppered with healthy humor, she writes and produces the award-winning Directory for Seniors and Their Families, distributed in the Northwest United States.

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Categories Family Eldercare, Self-Help
ISBN 0-9746338-0-1
Format 6 x 9, 264 pages
Price $16.00
Pub Date 2004
Publisher Patina Productions







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