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Dying: A Natural Passage

By Denys Cope, RN, BSN

An exceptional guidebook providing practical and insightful information about rarely addressed end-of-life issues.

Dying presents societal and relationship issues related to dying, fascinating details about the stages of dying, and hands-on caregiver support for those living with dying. It also addresses various types of death transition, from conscious dying to sudden death to assisted suicide. In the process, this poignant and popular manual explores these questions, among others:

  -What best supports a peaceful death?
  -How can I help with pain management?
  -Is it time to call in hospice?
  -If my loved one is not eating, will he starve to death?
  -If my mother is talking to people I don't see in the room,
    is she hallucinating?

Winner, New Mexico Book Awards

"Denys Cope opens our eyes to the spiritual aspects and the wisdom that are apparent in the dying process."
—Larry Dossey, MD
Author of The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things

"Should be required reading for anyone involved in the care of the dying."
—Erica Elliott, MD
Specialist in Family Practice and Environmental Medicine

"Clear and easy to read...yet very moving and profound."
—Susan Ehret Harlan
Former hospice nurse

"This book enabled my late wife and me to spend our last two months together living instead of dying."
—Ken Mayer
Spouse of client

Denys Cope, RN, BSN, has been an RN for over forty years, spending more than twenty of them as a hospice nurse. She is also a consultant to healthcare professionals, an end-of-life coach, a palliative care resource, and an educator, lecturer, and workshop presenter.

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Categories Self-Help, Hospice
ISBN 978-0-9787506-5-7
Format 5.25” x 7.25”, 140 pages
Price $14.95
Pub Date 2008
Publisher Three Whales Publishing







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