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Facing the Sunshine
A Young Woman’s Emergence from the Shadows of Sexual Abuse and Anorexia

By By Sara Jane Thornton
Foreword by Beverly Engel

A true account of the author’s arduous retrieval and resolution of buried traumatic experiences while in her early twenties in order to reconnect with the boundless spirit she once possessed.

Facing the Sunshine details Sara Jane Thornton’s plunge into self-starvation and an eventual suicide attempt at age twenty-one. Hospitalized for two years, she underwent seclusion, shock therapy, and restraint with medication, treatments that added to her trauma. Psychotherapy then revealed a history of child sexual abuse at the hands of her father, after which, aided by self-empowering interactions and her own innate resilience and determination, she defied expectations and was discharged. In confronting her father and her future, Sara realized that the more she faced the sunshine, the more the shadows fell behind her.

"A must-read for any helping professional or loved one of a person momentarily swept up in the 'perfect storm' of childhood sexual abuse, intimacy problems, and eating disorders."
—Linda T. Sanford, LICSW Author of Strong at the Broken Places and assistant professor, Simmons college of Social Work

"Candid, insightful, and inspirational."
—Viola Fodor, BEd, MED
Psychotherapist, educator, and author of Desperately Seeking Self

"This story raises important questions about the treatment of the mentally ill and highlights grave deficiencies in the medical community."
—Melissa R. Gerson, LMSW Psychotherapist and eating disorders specialist

Sara Jane Thornton, a popular guest speaker, balances motherhood and academia in New Brunswick, Canada. She is featured in the film Through True Eyes: Process of Recovery from Eating Disorders (Atlantic Mediaworks).

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Memoir, Psychology,
Mental Health

ISBN 978-0-9763694-6-2
Format 6 x 9, 200 pages
Price $19.95
Pub Date 2007
Publisher Soaring Wings Press







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