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Honoring Your Self
A Guide to Overcoming Addictions

By Hob

At the core of every addiction lies a slumbering soul yearning to awaken. If approached steadfastly and reverently, it will unfurl in all its glory, free at last to reveal itself as sacred.

Honoring Your Self presents a spiritual path to sobriety. This contemplative volume assists the reader in moving beyond addiction of every sort - from obsessions with alcohol, drugs, and nicotine to compulsive overeating, overspending, overworking, and sex. Based on the Twelve-Step program of Alcoholics Anonymous, developed about sixty-five years ago, it gently lifts the reader from the rocks and shoals of self-destruction to an inner knowing of the higher self. Ultimately, the reader discovers the honor of being a child of God, however they may choose to regard the divine presence.

"Hob leads the reader from denial and self-absorption to self-acceptance, self-forgiveness, and self-sharing. Hob's words inspire, comfort, and guide those on the path to recovery."
-John Bradshaw
Bestselling author of Homecoming, Family Secrets, and Creating Love

"An excellent tool...insightful and practical."
-Don Miguel Ruiz
Author of The Four Agreements

"For those who would like to awaken their soul...the path suggested by Hob is a must."
-Sunil V. Joshi, MD (AYU)
Faculty advisor to the Chopra Center for Well-Being

Hob began writing at age thirteen, three years after the death of his father. His writing was the gift that welcomed him back to sobriety after a booze-laden advertising career on Madison Avenue. For the past forty years he has been assisting others on the spiritual path to recovery and freedom.

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Categories Recovery, Self-Actualization, Inspiration
ISBN 0-9671557-8-9
Format 6 X 9, 184 pages
Price $18.95
Pub Date 2000
Publisher Recovery Bound Publications Ltd.







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