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How to Cope with the Death of a Partner
Strategies for Surviving the
Difficult Times Ahead and
Maintaining Your Emotional Health

By Judy Schreiber-Mosher

This booklet evolved out of author Judy Schreiber-Mosher’s desire to give advice and suggestions to others facing the same challenges she faced at the time of her husband’s death. How to Cope with the Death of a Partner offers essential information about the dangers we confront when emotionally vulnerable, as well as personal safeguards to help maintain mental health and make good decisions in times of excruciating pain. In this step-by-step guide, with each task check boxed so progress is clear and nothing is overwhelming, Judy encourages her audience to deal with only one task at a time, one day after the next, in order to gently and efficiently accomplish all that needs to be done. How to Cope with the Death of a Partner addresses such difficult topics as deciding what to do with the remains, managing others' responses to your grief, deciding what to do with jewelry, and coping with being alone. It also tenderly recommends taking your time, being gentle with and trusting yourself, accepting help, celebrating love, and appreciating the past and the present. Finally, Judy reiterates the message of her memoir, urging her readers to give themselves over to the healing potency of time.

“The author has thought of just about every area of concern that can and does surface after the death of a mate, and she gives sound advice. This is a beautifully written, easy-to-follow booklet—a must-read not only for anyone who has lost a mate but also for those who want to help a grieving loved one."
—Marie A. O’Neill
White Lotus Life Coaching

“Judy Schreiber-Mosher’s words, gentle and easy to understand, are salve for the broken heart. Short chapters, good advice, and blank check-boxes make this a joy to read."
—Linda Della Donna
Author of Mourning

"Provides that all-important roadmap of concrete solutions for a world suddenly turned upside-down. This book is comforting, insightful, and informative, and I highly recommend it to the bereaved who seek support, tools, hope, and understanding for their grieving and healing."
—Gloria Lintermans
Author of The Healing

Judy Schreiber-Mosher is a bereavement counselor, licensed social worker, and psychotherapist, as well as a former adjunct faculty member at San Diego State University, where she taught master’s degree social work. In her psychotherapy practice she is continually dealing with the losses people face, offering humor, successful strategies, and lighting the way for widowers and widows to heal.

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Categories Grief & Bereavement
ISBN 978-0-9824023-2-0
Format 5.5 x 8.5, 40 pages
Price $7.50
Pub Date 2010
Publisher Soteria Press








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