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Jonathan's Journey to Mount Miapu

By By Ellen Wolfson Valladares
Illustrations by Maureen Burdock

Winner of the Mom’s Choice award (2009) in Juvenile Fiction (ages 9-12)!

Jonathan's Journey to Mount Miapu recounts the common childhood struggle with fear of the dark in an uncommonly enchanting way. Ten-year-old Jonathan Goodman attempts to master his all-consuming fear of darkness during an adventure to save the legendary Mount Miapu, a mysterious Eden where people can accomplish the miraculous, read each other's minds, and be who they want to be. But Mount Miapu is in danger from the Vortex of Senkrad, an energy field that is threatening to engulf it in permanent, irreversible darkness. With the help of the enchanting Ariella, wise Grandma Trudy, a brave red-tailed hawk, and the great teacher Cornelius, Jonathan learns he has special abilities. In putting them to use, he not only finds the courage to face his greatest fear but also discovers an intriguing new perspective on life.

"Seldom does a book capture my heart, my imagination, my inner child's attention, and my soul's very essence as did Jonathan's Journey to Miapu. This epic children's fantasy is filled with light, love, and powerful life lessons."
—Judy Julin
Founder and co-CEO of CosmiKids, Inc.

"A beautifully written magical adventure that is sure to capture the imagination of all who read it."
—Sandra Ingerman, MA Author of Soul Retrieval and A Fall to Grace

"Jonathan's Journey ultimately reminds our children to believe in themselves!"
—Dumari Dancoes
Creator of Parenting Through Your Heart "A great fantasy for the juvenile reader. Recommended."
—The Midwest Book Review

Ellen Wolfson Valladares, a native Floridian, is a writer, spiritual teacher, and community volunteer who enjoys assisting people in stepping fearlessly into the life they were meant to live.

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Categories Juvenile fiction (8-12)
ISBN 978-0-9798324-0-6
Format Quality paperback, 320 pages
Price $12.95
Pub Date November 2008
Publisher Argami Productions








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