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Message for the Tribe of Many Colors

By Little Grandmother (Kiesha Crowther)

Through personal memoir and prophetic revelation, Little Grandmother shares teachings received from her spirit guides for the benefit of Mother Earth. In the process, she reveals that the key to enlightenment lies within the heart, in the remembrance of who we really are — the ones who will change the world, the strong souls who chose to come to planet earth at its time of highest stakes.

Working together for the good of Mother Earth means seeing beyond our differences and shifting the consciousness on the planet from ego and mind to love. Ultimately, to be a member of the tribe of many colors requires you live from your heart, remember who you are, and act in love so that together we can change the world we live in. This we can do, Little Grandmother assures us, because we are a family of one heart and one mother, our beloved earth. Included in this poignant book are simple yet powerful keys to spiritual evolution, as well as visions of the profound changes in store for the earth and humanity in the coming years.

Little Grandmother has conducted public speaking and healing ceremonies in Denmark, Switzerland, the Netherlands, England, Ireland, Australia, Slovenia, Glastonbury, and Germany, and has presentations scheduled for the coming months in Egypt, Austria, Holland, and Scotland.

"The old ones have chosen Little Grandmother to convey their message of deep and profound wisdom for the betterment of our beloved Earth Mother. This book is a gift to the world."
—Makere Ruka Te Korako, grandmother of Waitaha, Te Atiawa, and Ngati Tama

"Listen with your heart and your connection to Source for the truth — for it is here in this book, and must be told."
—Frank W. Wise, “Buffalo Horn Cloud,” Peacemaker, Lakota, Cheyenne River Sioux Nation

"This is a beautiful and wise book, emphasizing that we are all equally valuable."
—Signe Masso, Sami elder and drum and sound healer from Norway

Kiesha Crowther, "Little Grandmother," began receiving direct teachings from the spirit world as a child and at age thirty, was recognized as a shaman. Since her initiation, Little Grandmother has been traversing the globe performing healing ceremonies for Mother Earth and sharing the teachings she has been given for the benefit of humanity.

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Categories Earth-Based Spirituality,
ISBN 978-0-9836964-0-7
Format 6 x 9, 230 pages
Price $21.00
Pub Date 2010
Publisher Earth Mother Publishing








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