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Life After Life My Posthumous Memoir

By Galen Stoller
Edited by K Paul Stoller

This provocative memoir, told by Galen Stoller from his afterlife and transcribed by his father, confronts timeless questions concerning what happens to our souls after death.

In 2007, Dr. K Paul Stoller received the phone call that is every parent's worst nightmare. His sixteen-year-old son, Galen, had been killed at an unguarded railroad crossing. Within a few weeks, Galen began appearing to his father and eventually the two began speaking through dream states, mediums, and channels. Keenly aware of the strength of their emotional bond during his son's life, Dr. Stoller was amazed to find it could express itself across dimensions. Immediately, he began journaling hundreds of pages of communication from Galen about his new circumstances. Dr. Stoller's only comments in this revelatory account appear in Editor's Notes at the end of each chapter.

"This first book in Galen and K Paul Stoller's Death Walker series is the daring collaboration of a father and son, written across the abyss of life and death. The son, a teenager who died suddenly, offers a compelling and comforting account of life after life. The father escapes from the hell of his grief to reconnect with his son and record his words. My Life after Life, the first book in the series, is an extraordinary path into the mysteries of mind and spirit."
--Paul Trachtman, Editor-at-Large, Smithsonian Magazine

Galen Stoller, prior to the train accident that took his earth life, was an accomplished actor, ethical vegetarian, and helped train dogs for Assistance Dogs of the West. Following the second anniversary of his passing, he asked his father to start writing this book. K Paul Stoller, MD, started his medical career as a pediatrician and in the mid-1990s began investigating hyperbaric medicine. He currently uses hyperbaric oxygen to treat brain-injured children and adults, including Iraqi vets, retired NFL players, and children with fetal alcohol syndrome.

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Categories Mind, Body, Spirit, Inspiration
ISBN 978-0-615-38307-1
Format 5.5 x 8.5, 176 pages
Price $19.95; hardcover
Pub Date 2011
Publisher Dream Treader Press








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