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No Such Thing As a Bad Kid
Understanding and Responding to the Challenging Behavior of Troubled Children and Youth

By Charles D. Appelstein, MSW

Practical, easy-to-apply tools and insights for all who live or work with troubled children.

Written specifically for teachers, child- and youth-care professionals, and foster parents, No Such Thing As a Bad Kid is packed with information for anyone who lives or works with youngsters at risk. This empowering handbook unravels the complex knots that lead from damaged self-esteem to minor misbehaviors to acts of violence and self-hatred. Through hundreds of hands-on tips and simple dialogues, it inspires compassionate understading, the use of prevention strategies, and responsive solutions.

"Free of jargon and complicated theory...this book offers validation and support to caretakers by normalizing frustrations, mistakes, poor decisions, and burnout, and by providing help, hopeful, and refreshing solutions."
-Foster-Care Team ComCare Foster Care Program

"This book provides a wealth of insight, as well as practical suggestions for people involved with challenged, high-risk kids. Teachers, foster parents, counselors, and others will benefit greatly from this rich, experience-based work."
-Mary Allen Editor, Treatment Today

Charles D. Appelstein, MSW, provides training and consultation to residential, foster-care, and educational programs nationwide. A resident of Salem, New Hampshire, he is the award-winning author of The Gus Chronicles: Reflections from an Abused Kid.

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Categories Behavior Management, Education, Childcare
ISBN 0-9659836-0-9
Format 6 X 9, 304 pages
Price $19.95
Pub Date 1998
Publisher The Gifford School







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