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No Such Thing as a Bad Kid
Understanding and Responding to Kids with Emotional & Behavioral Challenges Using a Positive, Strength-Based Approach

By Charles D. Appelstein, MSW

Written specifically for professionals who guide kids with emotional and behavioral challenges, this empowering handbook is packed with principles and techniques to help child-guiders tap the potential for greatness that exists in every young person. It opens by portraying misbehavior as a call for help; provides a wealth of insight into “decoding” those messages; and presents hands-on, neurologically sound tips for effectively revolutionizing adult interactions with highly vulnerable kids in a variety of settings. Included are hundreds of empathetic strength-based interventions, charts, and sample dialogues. Parents of children not at risk will also benefit from this book.

†“This book offers a compelling framework for navigating the research and practices required to help at-risk children and youth get back ‘on the rails.’”††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††
óRick Miller
Founder of Kids at Hope and author of Youth Development

“While current professional literature is awash with ‘strength-based’ platitudes, this book turns positive psychology rhetoric into reality.”
óLarry K. Brendtro, PhD
Senior Training Consultant, CF Learning

A must read for any educator, mental health professional, or educational administrator.”
óJessica Minahan, MEd, BCBA
Coauthor of The Behavior Code and author of The Behavior Code Companion

“Research, concepts, strategies, and techniques for a new generation of educators and others seeking to better connect with today’s challenging youth.”
óRichard D. Lavoie, MA, MEd
Author of The Motivation Breakthrough and It's So Much Work to Be Your Friend

Charles D. Appelstein, MSW, an award-winning author, provides strength-based training, consultation, and motivational presentations to schools and child- and youth-care programs internationally. He lives in southern New Hampshire.

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Categories Behavior Management, Education, Childcare
ISBN 978-0-9845897-4-6
Format 6 X 9, 496 pages
Price $24.95
Pub Date 2018
Publisher Soaring Wings Press







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