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The One Command
Command Your Wealth

By By Asara Lovejoy

Asara has parlayed her book into over 1 million dollars in sales using the simple six-step technique she shares in her book—one that operates in the greatest portion of human intelligence, your theta thinking mind.

Those reading The One Command regularly e-mail Asara with almost the same words: “This is the missing piece to nearly every self-help book out there." It actually takes the reader through the process of change. Rather than another idea for implementing positive thinking or the Law of Attraction, it is a system to engage your theta mind in a moment and, as a consequence, stop your negative thoughts dead in their tracks as you simultaneously create what you want instead. Ultimately thinking in theta applies to success in every aspect of life, financially, emotionally and in your health.

Asara Lovejoy, author of The One Command and Nightingale-Conant best- selling author of The One Command: Imprint Your DNA for Lasting Wealth and Happiness is a true educator and innovator in the field of human consciousness. She has interviewed the greats on her radio show, Living in the Quantum Field; Dr. Bruce Lipton, Guy Finley, Dr. Joe Despenza, Joe, Vitale and many more and shared the 6-easy steps to your greater theta mind with each one.

Asara has lived from down-and-out to now leading the field in a different approach to living: an approach that has brought success to her in over one million dollars in sales and services of The One Command and the folks who are discovering the simple yet powerful results of what she has to offer share story after story of their success applying what she reveals!

"Very powerful tools that will not only help you change your financial future but help you increase in abundance in all areas of your life."
—Kim Yancey, Entrepreneur

"It provides the most practical methodology I’ve seen to date for overcoming our negative thinking programming and finally realizing our potential for optimum health, wealth, and happiness."
—Jeff Maziarek
Author of Spirituality Simplified

"Hugely motivational and beneficial results. Our consultants had a record year and increased their income two to three times."
—Moira Benigson
President, Executive Search UK

Asara Lovejoy, innovative businesswoman, entrepreneur, radio and TV personality, and educator in human consciousness, has spent over thirty years in the worlds of traditional and nontraditional business. Originator of the Commanding Wealth program, when she’s not mentoring, consulting, or coaching, she’s conducting international seminars catalyzing personal and business success.

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Categories Personal Finance, Mind, Body, Spirit
ISBN Hardcover 978-0-9791263-3-8 ; Paperback 978-0-9791263-4-5
Format 5.5 x 8.5, 208 pages
Price Hardcover $26.95; paperback $16.95
Pub Date 2008
Publisher Wisdom House Books








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