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Sharing the Rock
Shaping Our Future through Leadership for the Common Good

By Bill Grace

Leadership is recast and refocused in this profound book as the key to achieving a future in which the world is a safe place; where the environment, businesses, and communities flourish together; and where strangers are greeted as friends. Readers are introduced to seven practices that redefine leadership for a global society in which all voices are heard.

Sharing the Rock carefully sorts though the challenges blocking peaceful coexistence among people and cultures, and the obstructions wedged between humanity’s current situation and a sustainable future. Bill Grace makes the intangible ideas of morality, sustainability, and community concrete, and clearly illustrates how each of us has the ability to be part of the solution. Written with candor and humor, this book presents a new model of leadership, demonstrating the viability of a shared community in which all can thrive.

"A book that could make a difference."
—Parker J. Palmer
Author of A Hidden Wholeness

"Timely, profound, inspirational, and hard to put down."
—Rick Steves
Host, writer, and producer of PBS and NPR travel shows 

"Grace aims not only to persuade a few readers but to initiate a movement.  Should he succeed, this will prove to be the most important book thus far  in this century."
—John B. Cobb Jr.
Professor Emeritus
  Claremont School of Theology

Bill Grace is a leadership educator and social justice activist. A former professor, he founded the Center for Ethical Leadership and served as its executive director for fourteen years. He currently directs Common Good Works, a leadership consulting firm, and leads seminars around the world promoting leadership and social action grounded in spiritual development and compassion.

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Categories Leadership
ISBN 978-0-9845786-0-3
Format 6 x 9, 256 pages
Price $17.00
Pub Date 2010
Publisher Common Good Works








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