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Soul-Hearted Partnership
Creating the Ultimate Experience of Love, Passion, and Intimacy

By Debra L. Reble, PhD

Recognizing the deep need for fulfilling spiritual relationships, this book offers a bold alternative to the usual partnership titles by assisting readers in first becoming their own best soul mate.

The author provides a way to energetically draw to ourselves healthy, whole, and soulfully alive partners. As such, this book presents a new model of partnership, in which union with ourselves and then a loved one serves as a vehicle for spiritual development. Readers will benefit not only from the cultivation of extraordinary relationships—with friends as well as a beloved partner—but also from the book’s innovative approaches to jealousy, fear, old grievances, vulnerability, and deepening intimacy. Each chapter concludes with a series of practical exercises.

"With kindness and spiritual wisdom…this innovative book will guide you, step by step, on your own path of discovering relationships as the launching pad to your personal spiritual awakening."
—Layne and Paul Cutright, best-selling authors of You’re Never Upset for the Reason You Think

"If you’ve ever yearned for a deeper connection with your mate, read this book for the step-by-step tools you need to revitalize your current relationship. If you are single, this book will help you aim for something far more fulfilling in the future."
—Nina Atwood, author of Soul Talk and host of

"This is a work of enlightenment in an age of evolved knowledge, a writing that could not have occurred during a former time. It is the product of new information about soul and spirit coupled with uninflected data and scientific understandings."
The Montserrat Review

* Winner, Eric Hoffer Award, Health category *
Finalist, USA Book News Award, Relationships category

Debra Reble, PhD, is a licensed psychologist and conducts a private practice in Cleveland, Ohio, where she facilitates workshops and seminars on personal transformation and well-being. She is also a director at Foundation in Light, an international nonprofit educational organization furthering spiritual growth and self-realization.

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Categories Relationships, Mind/Body/Spirit
ISBN 978-0-9824040-1-0
Format 6 x 9, 192 pages
Price $16.00
Pub Date 2010
Publisher HeartPaths Media








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