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Tincture of Time
Living Through Grief to Hope

By Judy Schreiber-Mosher

In Tincture of Time, Judy Schreiber-Mosher unabashedly examines her response to the cancer diagnosis and rapid death of her husband, noted psychiatrist Loren Mosher, and her ensuing struggle to cope with daily events. As much a love story as it is an exposé of the underbelly of grief, this moving memoir reveals the resourcefulness and humor accessible even in life’s most challenging moments.

Schreiber-Mosher’s candid account of her path to personal growth is sure to assist readers in similar situations who wonder if they will ever again find hope in their hearts. Tincture of Time blends passion and sadness with magical moments of the past and present until eventually the author emerges with a sense of a future. She reveals that after the death of a loving partner, contrary to all indications, the world does not end but rather transforms. As she learns to eat, sleep, and travel alone, Judy ceremonially disperses her husband’s ashes around the world and ultimately dates, through the aid of secret tests she has devised to identify another soul mate.

"Compassionate, insightful, and witty! Schreiber-Mosher comes face-to-face with the realities of widowhood and emerges on a heartfelt path to personal growth. With wry humor and poignancy, Tincture of Time brings hope and practical wisdom to those on the road to recovery from the loss of a spouse."
—Constance Ahrons
Author of The Good Divorce and We’re Still Family
"In Tincture of Time, Judy Schreiber-Mosher opens her soul to share the unfathomable depths of grief she feels in the wake of her beloved husband’s death and the mysterious process by which she moves through it. Schreiber-Mosher takes readers on her personal voyage through unknown waters, reminding us that, while death and life are inevitable interwoven, love is transcendent."
—David Harte
Writer, The Late Show with Craig Ferguson

"I could not put this book down.... Schreiber-Mosher talks about the death experience of her husband and her own grief experience in a unique way that is both vividly real and hysterically funny."
—Robin Fiorelli, LCSW
National Sr. Director of Bereavement and Volunteers, VITAS Innovative Hospice Care

Judy Schreiber-Mosher is a bereavement counselor, licensed social worker, and psychotherapist, as well as a former adjunct faculty member at San Diego State University, where she taught master’s degree social work. In her psychotherapy practice she is continually dealing with the losses people face, offering humor, successful strategies, and lighting the way for widowers and widows to heal.

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Categories Memoir / Grief & Bereavement ,
ISBN 978-0-9824023-0-6
Format 5.5 x 8.5, 160 pages
Price $14.00
Pub Date 2010
Publisher Soteria Press








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