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Transformational Speaking
If You Want to Change the World, Tell a Better Story

By Gail Larsen

Speaking coach and consultant Gail Larsen presents a proven program that liberates the "speaker within" and transforms even the reluctant orator into an agent of change. Her holistic blend of spirit and logic goes far beyond the standard format, making this book a must-read for the most seasoned speechmaker as well. It offers insightful advice on everything from defining your message and refining your delivery, to managing the dynamics of a room, handling logistics like a pro, and building a connection with an audience of any size. This book has helped business executives and entrepreneurs, community and social change leaders, and healers and life coaches become movers and shakers in their respective professions.

"This wonderful book provides a lens into speaking that is not taught elsewhere. It will transform your experience as a public speaker."

—Richard C. Whiteley
Cofounder of The Forum Corporation
Author of The Customer Driven Company

Gail Larsen is the founder of Real Speaking and an SBA award-winning entrepreneur with a 25-year immersion in the world of speaking and wide experience in business and association management. A former EVP of the international National Speakers Association, she teaches annually at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York, and year-round via her online academy, at, to participants worldwide.

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Categories Business, Communication
ISBN 978-1-58761-342-5
Format 6 x 9, 190 pages
Price $16.95
Pub Date 2014
Publisher Celestial Arts: An Imprint of Ten Speed Press








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