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To submit a readable, easy-to-access manuscript, thereby saving us time and you money, please follow the simple guidelines below.

•Manuscript should be typed or word processed. We cannot accept handwritten manuscripts, piles of notes, or spoken stories. If you need help inputting or transcribing, we’d be glad to arrange for these services.

•Double space your manuscript, leaving at least a 1” margin on all sides (for editorial scribbling!).

•Use a 12-point font.

•Type on only one side of the page.

•Number your pages on the top right-hand corner.

•Please submit the pages unbound, free of staples and binders. A removable clip, rubber band, folder, or box is fine.

•If possible, include a concept statement on a page of its own. To compose a concept statement, think about your manuscript’s focus. Can you describe it in fifty words or less? Twenty-five words or less? This short introductory statement is useful in several ways: it helps you distill your thoughts; it gives us a clear idea of your mission; and it prepares us to pitch your book to literary agents and publishers. The shorter, the better!

Please contact us before any submissions. Thank you.

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