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Why Self-Publish?

To protect the integrity of the work
Self-publishing allows you to control the presentation of your book both textually and graphically.

To get the book out quickly
Whereas a publisher will typically take 12-18 months to produce a book, you can do it in 4-6 months.

To retain all rights to the book
Most often, subsidiary rights (serial, foreign, movie, and electronic rights) are split 50-50 with a publisher, or 85-15 with an agent. When you are the publisher you receive 100% of proceeds from the sale of these rights.

To get the book to your target audience
You are better equipped to reach the niche markets that conventional publishers don’t take time to access. Besides, you understand your market better than any publisher does.

To retain control over how long the book will be promoted
Whereas mainstream publishers usually spend no more than 3 months to promote a book, you can keep promotional campaigns going throughout the life of your book.

To keep the book in print
After a first print run sells out, publishers often let the book go out of print, diverting reprinting fees on previous books to the printing of new books on upcoming lists. When you publish your book, you’re personally invested in keeping it alive.

To reap the benefits of the sales
A publisher’s “take” on sales is about 35% of the retail price of a book, about 8-12% of which is paid out to the author in royalties. As the publisher of your book, you get to keep the publisher’s share of the profits.

To ease the journey
It’s easier to promote and sell a book to a consumer than it is to sell the idea of a book to a busy, if not unimaginative, acquisitions editor at a big publishing company!

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